June is Lane Courtesy Month

From passenger cars to 18-wheelers, every vehicle on the road is kept safe by adherence to traffic laws. Some of these, however, are routinely ignored. One law that doesn’t get enough attention is proper use of the left lane. Most states require a driver in the left lane to move if faster cars are nearby. Others allow drivers to only use the left lane when passing or turning. The rest either have no law or only require the driver to move if they’re blocking traffic. This map can show you the laws in your home state:

Left Lane Map

 Map by Jalopnik

Even people who understand that the left lane is for passing usually think of failure to observe the law as more of an inconvenience than a danger. However, a major factor in the frequency of accidents is varying, unpredictable speeds. Readers who are truck drivers are especially aware of how dangerous it can be when another driver suddenly accelerates or decelerates. Only using the left lane for passing also helps everyone one the road get better gas mileage because it cuts down on the amount that everyone has to brake and accelerate.

To read more about sharing lanes and Lane Courtesy Month, visit the National Motorists Association.