Green Initiatives in Gulfport, Mississippi

Our Gulfport facility is breaking new records nationwide in environmental impact of truck dealerships. “Located on 9 acres on the south side of Interstate 10, the new dealership stands out as a model business in the state.”   The first of what we plan to be many custom built buildings for our company has been designed to provide optimum use of energy throughout the facility, low environmental impact to our community, and a wildlife sanctuary for local wetlands.  These contributions run alongside normal operations at our corporate headquarters dealership.

Optimum use of energy is achieved with a complete LED lit facility and remotely controlled heating and cooling technology. The strides technology has made for energy conservation provides resources we don’t want to overlook.  If we can lower our costs while lowering our environmental impact as an enterprise, it becomes a win win situation.

Koi pondThe closed loop truck wash provides additional clean climate precautions. Our system is one of a kind, and with the retention pond it provides a home to hundreds of Koi, a well loved Japanese fish with a unique ability to adapt to many climates and water conditions. Koi breed rapidly here and some of the older fish have grown over a foot in length.

guinea henThe wildlife sanctuary on property features donkeys, red rone chickens, black footed chickens, white turkeys, guinea hens and emus.

Valued for our commitment to the local community, the Gulfport location stands as a ideal arrangement for future constructions. As our growth continues, we develop relationships with the communities we become a part of.  Our Atlanta location opened earlier this year and the transition to clean energy at that location has began. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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