A Look Inside our Dealership

Our gulf coast dealership serves as our corporate headquarters. Behind the scenes, this is where most of the magic happens that makes us great. American Truck Group is our family name that brings all of our departments together into one conglomerate. But each individual department is important to our success as a whole. We believe the American driver has enough to deal with out on the road. Our professionals provide you with a team of support to offer you the resources you deserve. If you take a look inside our dealership, you are going to find more than our showrooms of the nicest aftermarket trucks around. Our company also specializes in providing resources to the owner-operator that remain crucial to their success.

Resources for our drivers

insurance department

Insurance & Compliance
Our in house insurance and compliance departments are here for you, driver. Our experts maintain insurance for all of the customers in our program. For those drivers who have secured outside insurance, our team members assist them with keeping it current. They pair our drivers with the proper coverage and are on-the-spot ready when it is time for a claim. Working directly with adjusters and insurance companies, our team handles each situation personally to minimize down time.

License Plates

Tags and IFTA
Another component to our insurance and compliance department is our IRP and IFTA team. These guys are fundamental to our clients success. With our IRP we can provide registration nationwide. If our drivers need to be set up to run 48 states, our team gets them Apportioned Plates. We also have approval to perform DOT changes. So if you are not happy with your authority, maybe the pay is not what they said it would be, give our team a call and we can get you switched! Keep the revenue generating!
IFTA and 2290's

Not having that IFTA sticker can be an ugly ticket. That is why our IFTA team is a pretty big deal.
Our team provides the service of keeping your state mileage and taxes owed in check. Our drivers send in their fuel charges and the information is analyzed and filed as needed. Our team takes care to perform monthly observance of taxes owed and our drivers benefit from the managed count. Don’t let something like IFTA hold you back. We have the resources to keep you going!